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Floor Care Basics: How to protect your commercial floors this winter

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Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of any business. It helps the business cast a great first impression on the customers. The industry is a group of businesses jostling to create a loyal customer base from a constant target audience. As time passes by, the number of businesses in the industry increase. This also increases competition within the industry. Thus, you must never miss a chance to stand ahead of the competition.

More competition means that you have to pay more attention to minute details. Today, the state of the industry is such that each and every aspect of a business must portray dexterity and diligence in order to occupy a greater customer base. The customer is the boss in the industry. You must miss no chance to impress the customer.

 With time, more and more importance is given to the customer. One of the most important thing that catches the eye of the customer is the appearance of the business. Now, one of the most important aspects of the appearance of a business is cleanliness. Cleanliness is what is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses that include direct customer interaction. This is why cleanliness in business is of utmost priority. One of the most important parts of cleanliness in business is floor care.

Floor care tips for winter

The floor of your office is very important as it is part of your office which is most probable to be unclean. But a great floor portrays great diligence. This is why floor care must be given top priority. Most of the businesses that fail to understand the importance of floor care tend to lose a lot of customers because they fail to impress them. Winter is usually a tough time for floor care. Thus, this article will aim at providing you with tips for floor care during winter.

A light scrub and recoat of the floor with quality floor finish before winters

Taking care of the flooring is also an important thing to do. Try to scrub and recoat the floor with a top quality floor finish before winters in order to make sure that the floor takes minimal damage during the rough winter season.

Extra matting at all entryways helps big time.

Extra matting at all entryways ensures that the floor is safe and any foreign substance that might be introduced to the floor and can potentially harm it is removed beforehand. Precaution is better than cure. Thus this step is a precautionary measure to ensure the longevity of the quality of the floor.

Using Wet Vaccum on your matting on the harsh winter days can help in tracking of salt and moisture.

Soil and moisture are important to maintain a consistent quality of the flooring. It is an essential part of the flooring. So, using wet vacuum can help preserve the required salt and moisture in the floor to make it more resilient to the harsh winter season.

Going over the interior as well as the exterior matting with winter ice melt neutralizer solution within a carpet extractor or an automatic scrubber.

This will help you in getting rid of the white haze on the matting. This will also prevent the residue from melting of ice from being tracked into your building. It is very important to use this method in order to ensure that your floor can sustain the extreme damage that the winter season might incur upon it.

During the winter when the ice melt is being applied outside, switch to a winter floor neutralizing solution instead of your daily floor cleaner solution.

Winter floor cleaner solution is specific to the winter season and is effective in protection against the extreme weather during the winter season. This is not possible in case of your daily neutral floor cleaner solution which isn’t formulated to help the floor withstand winter season. 

Winters are particularly harsh which might be a great deterrent to the life of flooring. It is important for you to prepare as well as be aware of the challenges that you might face during the maintenance of your floor during the winter season. There are specific products in the market that will help you negate the effects that the winter will have on your floor. You must take immense care of your flooring as it is also an essential part of your office. Treat your office as a place of worship and it will always yield great results for you. 

Winter season is a tricky one from the perspective of floor maintenance. This usually is handled in the best way by a professional floor management team. Try to hire a team which has the experience, is skilled and also has great reviews.

We are Your Dexterous and Diligent Floor Care Partner

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